Learning Design & Development in e-learning     (http://www.cenfim.pt/projectos/etutors-portal.net/portal-contents/pedagogy/folder.2007-08-02.1981252429-/RSS?set_language=en)

MISA™ is a method which describes in a graphic way the processes of design teaching and their products providing a complete definition of a learning system. MISA supports 35 principal tasks or processes and some 150 secondary tasks. The method was entirely modelled with the assistance the editor of model MOT. It is offered in graphic mode hypertext allowing to reach the gauges of the elements of documentation which constitute the estimate of the learning system. One progresses in the method through 6 phases or according to four axes: representation of knowledge and competencies, pedagogical treatments, media treatments and planning of the diffusion. MISA is the first method of teaching design founded on the modeling of knowledge and fascinating of account all the complexity of the Tele-training. It was tested in several organizations. More information http://www.cogigraph.com:90/cogigraph/article.php3?id_article=14 (in english) on http://www.cogigraph.com:90/cogigraph/article.php3?id_article=13 (in french) on on http://www.ingegraph.com/igraph.php?pg=produits_misa (in french) or on http://www.ingegraph.com/?lg=ES (in spanish)

Presentation of a collaboratif tool of assistance to the scenarisation of open and remote formations, OASIF, worked out by the Teaching department Innovation of Telecom Paris in 2002

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Checklists on the design of learning software and learning environments (in German)

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