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Group discussion > Test Topic: Can you help me and my students create "buzz" about our project?

Test Topic: Can you help me and my students create "buzz" about our project?

Dr. Laurent Borgmann
2568 days ago

Right now my students on my course "International Business Simulations" and I are working on a project making Iraqi musicians come over to Germany to play at the Beethovenfest in Bonn. We are very enthusiastic about this! Please check out the videos of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq, we need your support. Perhaps you could like or comment the videos below?

Kickstarter NYO Video
Kids Concert Video

Dobbs in Erbil Video

or even better, follow our project on facebook by liking the page and sharing the information with your friends:

Perhaps this way we can test this platform and see how easy/difficult it is to create a community and create a buzz ;-)

please get involved and I will look at the (pretty detailed) statistics of our facebook and YouTube accounts and let you know which of your countries has made a leap in the statistics ;-) Of course you would be allowed to cheat and "view" the videos every morning when you start the computer

Eduardo Rodrigues
2567 days ago

Since the Buzz-like tool could be a good service to be present on the eTutors-Portal that we are "re-facing" and adapting in order to better serve the Understand IT Project, as a Library tool, I took your challenge into hands and I have developed a "prototype" of a Buzz-like service to the Moodle-based future new eTutors-portal, which can be fount at:

Is this kind of tool goes into your idea of Buzz service that you would like to be implemented on your Moodle platform (I am assuming that it will be on a moodle platform) ?