Frequently Asked Questions


How do we work together to produce a shared document?

The best tool to produce a shared document "à la google docs" in our CoP is a (shared) Page.

A shared Page (based on Etherpad) can be edited concurrently by all the authorized participants and allows both import and export of the document from/to the most commont formats.

To start just:

  • create a personal Page and set its Title
    • Notice that you could also create Pages associated to specific Groups (e.g. English)
  • tick the Edit as collaborative pad checkbox
  • choose the people you want to work on it as the Write access option
  • choose the ones you like being able to read it in the Access option
  • Save

Then you can edit, import the content from a file, save revisions, export the document and so on.

A small chat window is available to speak with the other concurrent editors.

To leave suggestions others could use the Page comment thread.